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Commercial Programs


TECO Partners, through a number of alliances and partnerships, provides a variety of programs and services to benefit commercial business owners or operators in realizing a number of cost saving and operational benefits, including:

Natural Gas Service

Energy can account for 50 percent of operating costs for Florida businesses. Natural gas technologies provide cost-effective solutions to operating more efficiently. Working with Florida's largest natural gas distributor, we can help put environmentally friendly natural gas-powered equipment into practical use to meet your energy needs while doing business smarter.

Natural Gas Conversion Rebates

A number of cash allowances are available to help defray some of the costs associated with purchasing and installing natural gas equipment. When replacing electric appliances with natural gas equipment, Peoples Gas offers a rebate of $40 per kilowatt displaced (to a maximum of $4,000). Also, an allowance of $150 per ton, payable to a maximum of 100 tons, is available to customers that install natural gas-fired space conditioning equipment. 

Natural Gas Supply

Commercial customers have the opportunity to control energy costs for natural gas, while receiving the same reliable delivery service, by choosing a natural gas supplier. When negotiating natural gas supply costs with a gas marketer, you might realize cost savings. TECO Partners can work with you to negotiate the best rate possible for natural gas supply to serve your business.

Propane Service

When natural gas mains are not available, propane gas can provide you with economical and efficiency benefits that are similar to natural gas. Because the fuel is delivered to storage tanks, you have control over your energy requirements and ultimately your cash flow. TECO Partners works with select propane providers across Florida to meet your needs.

Energy Advantage Dealer Network

Through our network of gas appliance sales, service and installation professionals, TECO Partners can connect you to qualified companies that provide services like interior gas piping installation, gas and electric heating and air conditioning repair and service, appliance sales and maintenance.

Energy Management Services

Energy Consulting

Timely and easy-to-use energy market information, sound advice and expert assistance could mean the difference to your business. TECO Partners can help you with a more predictable budget, lower financial risk and cost stability. Services include:

  • Risk management
  • Supply procurement
  • Bill review
  • Bill auditing

Energy Services

TECO Partners can help facilitate the design and construction of customized building infrastructure and energy systems, facility needs assessments, outdoor area lighting and power reliability packages that are tailored to your individual business needs.

Utility Bill Audit

Have you thought about the rate you pay for utilities? TECO Partners can arrange for a review and reconciliation of your water, sewer, electric and gas utility bills (up to 5 years of historical information). The audit identifies billing errors, overpayments, tax errors, and more. Our partner identifies the refunds and, acting on your behalf, will recover any funds due from various utilities.

It's real simple. You provide one bill for each utility account you'd like to audit. We'll do the work with our partner provider. Most reviews take 2 to 3 weeks. Our partner will ensure you're paying the right rate for your utility services, look for inappropriate surcharges and fees, meter read errors, and more. Refunds and implementation of any resulting savings can vary from 7 to 90 days, depending on the utility company. On average, you'll receive a credit or a refund check in less than 60 days.

The best part is you pay absolutely nothing for the review. And, if recoverable funds are found you don't pay anything until you receive your refund(s). You pay nothing on your future savings, and you'll have money you never knew existed.

Bi-Fuel Conversion Technology

Converting a diesel generator or engine to a bi-fuel system allows the engine to operate on either 100 percent diesel fuel or alternately on a mixture of diesel fuel and up to 70 percent natural gas, which can dramatically increase the amount of run hours during times you have limited diesel supply. Work with TECO Partners to determine if your facility would benefit from this conversion.

Commercial Equipment Consultation

Sometimes, knowing the right equipment for your operation can be a time-consuming challenge. TECO Partners can work with you to evaluate specific equipment choices and determine what pieces will fit with your business and energy needs.