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When it comes to energy, there's a lot to know and manage. That's why TECO Partners collaborates with facility directors to focus specifically on energy-related procurement – providing an expertise that enhances the overall knowledge and know-how of your personnel.

From selecting the right commodity supplier with a streamlined process through confirming your business is being properly billed for your energy supply and delivery, TECO Partners has a track record of helping clients avoid budget pitfalls and inflated costs.

Our professionals analyze energy usage history to project patterns, consider supply contracts, hedging strategies, taxes and weather normalization to develop the most accurate and predictable budget possible. And, when it comes to utility billing, TECO Partners helps to analyze bills to ensure the correct contracted cost is reflected, and the right tariff is being applied. If billing anomalies are uncovered, TECO Partners will work with the appropriate utility to resolve issues swiftly and accurately – helping to avoid pricey errors and delays.

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