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Confident budgeting to support world-class service

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the most important thing to your business. To do that, you have to focus on everything from staffing and food quality to room temperature and ambient lighting. It wouldn't be surprising if energy cost analysis and supply procurement aren't on your list of top priorities. Nonetheless, energy has a huge impact on your restaurant or hotel.

Not only does TECO Partners help lower your operating costs, but through detailed benchmark and performance overview reports we can help you spot operational gaps and outline measures for improvement.

The benchmarking reports use industry-specific variables (like number of tables or rooms, sales, square footage, etc.) to evaluate performance by location, geographic region, chain or any other segment relative to your business. These reports allow your upper management to gauge energy usage and incentivize energy and cost efficiency.

Performance overviews take historical usage and associated costs to provide insightful analysis that helps identify those energy costs that can be trimmed. Used in conjunction with an energy audit, these performance overviews can lead to changes that help eliminate waste and increased savings.

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