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Gas Management with Supply Procurement

Initial assessment

Based on historical gas usage, this initial assessment will analyze usage, peak loads and seasonal fluctuations. The report also helps to identify alternative purchasing risk management strategies. Current natural gas agreements are also reviewed.

Risk management

Energy commodity costs can be volatile and hard to predict and budget. Locking in a competitive rate can help keep costs from drastically swinging month to month. Hedging options are shared along with a realistic plan for moving forward.

Market monitoring and alerts

TECO Partners monitors the market daily using the industry's top publications and tools to spot conditions that could help you reach commodity purchasing targets. When market conditions are right, you will get an email or fax alert to take advantage of current commodity pricing.

Supply procurement

After analyzing historical usage at all facilities or locations and combining the volumes and loads where possible, TECO Partners will help to negotiate an aggregate price for your supply. A detailed Request for Proposal will be issued to a number of qualified suppliers to provide the commodity and transportation services that best serve your needs.

Weekly market updates

Each week, TECO Partners will email a current snapshot of gas commodity market conditions and expected trends.

Annual budget tool

Upon request, TECO Partners can provide a comprehensive annual report to help budgeting for the next year.